Interest, turned hobby, turned business, turned full blown addiction, we at High Tide Aquatics are no different from you! We got into the business for one reason and one reason alone, to have the opportunity to see the most rare and the most phenomenal marine specimens in the world! Ever wonder if there there was something so unique, so rare that it almost couldn't exist? Well that's what we strive to do here! We want to find those rare gems that no one has ever seen before and display them in the most genuine way possible, but more importantly supply them to all of our fellow hobbyists!

What sets us apart, is our smaller more genuine operation; we are as hands on as it gets! From every fish, to every frag, to every photographed WYSIWYG item, its all done by us, the owners! We hand pick everything we bring in, in person, and select all items for their special qualities which could be anything from the irregular picasso markings on a wild-caught percula, to an extra pink edge on a Tenius coralite. Our attention is to detail! While the large bold colors of a reef tank is what got us into the hobby, its the small things like pulling different shades of colors from corals that keep us in it. Its the little things, not only in the marine aquaria trade, but in life in general that makes everything worth it. And this is exactly what we try to display!

Being a smaller business is probably the best thing about us. Why you may ask? All of those fish and coral we so meticulously hand picked, get observed and monitored every day! Each individual fish, every colony, even every frag gets checked everyday, some times even multiple times a day. We care for all of our inventory as if each animal was our own. Its funny really, we often tell customers that our husbandry of our animals is our first and foremost priority, with customer service being a close second!

If your ready to take reef keeping to the next level, give us a try, you wont be disappointed! - Brandon P. & Elliot L.